Lyons, Benenson & Company Inc.

Imaginative original solutions to compensation issues

Lyons, Benenson & Company Inc. (LB&Co.) is a leading independent compensation consulting firm that advises and counsels boards of directors and their compensation and governance committees on matters related to executive compensation, board compensation and corporate governance. We work collaboratively with directors and top management to develop compensation solutions that are supportive of each client’s goals, objectives and long-term plans.

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Executive Compensation and Board Compensation

Our work in executive compensation is principally focused on ensuring that each client’s executive compensation program is aligned with the client’s strategy and financial and operational plans.


Governance Advisory

As advisor and consultant to compensation committees and nominating/governance committees, we view our role as helping to guide directors through the rapidly evolving and changing governance landscape

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Not-For-Profit Executive Compensation

We advise boards of trustees and their compensation committees on many of the same issues that confront for-profit companies

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We view compensation as a critically important element of management. Well conceived and structured compensation programs serve to attract, retain and motivate the people that every company depends on to achieve their goals and objectives. Compensation, however, should not lead the strategy and planning processes; rather the compensation program should be aligned with and supportive of each company’s strategy and operational plans.

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